Monday, 8 July 2013

8th July 2013 - The Black Orchid Blossomed

Macbeth and the Three Witches
(Precursor to 'Fragments of Dreams')

The black orchid blossomed and the Red Witch cackled; her scarlet robes fluttered on the windy mountaintop as, head thrown back and throat exposed, she screeched with delight at Him trembling above. Vermillion hair cascaded across her heaving shoulders, blown asunder by the wind, and a solitary tear of joy trekked down her cheek to stain her robes.

2nd July 2013 - The Justices Speak (Chronicles of Trinist)

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Justice Bennett, Lady of the Upper Marshes and Chief Justice of the Trinist Supreme Court, sighed as she read the case summary in front of her; she paced up and down her chambers, her red robes swirling around her as she turned. Her brown hair, steely grey at the temples, was up in a tight bun, but the agitation of the past few hours had seen some stray hairs come loose; the light formed a corona around her head as it reflected off these strands.

28th June 2013 - The Arrest of Dame Gracet (The Chronicles of Trinist)

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Source: Wikimedia Commons
“I shall bow before him on bended knee,
My fealty to give as long as I live,
Or ’till reign ends, as the gods may decree.”

The crowd finished singing the Hymn of Fealty, and the king screeched with hysterical joy, clapping his hands with delight at the thought of this entire assembly singing in his honour. King Samuel of Tix’chan had been crowned ruler of Trinist only a week ago, and still drew great pleasure from hearing vast auditoriums of people singing his honour. Throwing his head back on the ancient throne of the Tix’chan family, built from the bones of an ancient creature dug from the mountains centuries ago, Samuel laughed at the vaulted ceiling.